party magician

Whether you're holding a Birthday party, Christmas party, an Anniversary celebration or any other gathering, magic is always a great addition.

Neil will Mingle around your guests and entertain them whilst they are enjoying the atmosphere of your event. All the magic is performed up close and a lot is even performed in your guests hands so they get a real front row seat of the action!

This is a great way to bring guests together and is a perfect ice-breaker for guests who might have never met, leaving them with a perfect talking point.


The Secret Room

If you're holding a smaller event, lets say in your house with a smaller number of guests, lets say 30 or so, then Neil has the perfect solution which is something a little different.

The secret room* was devised for the types of party where conventional mix and mingle magic doesn't really work. The idea is, that instead of Neil going to your guests, your guests go to Neil, in small groups, to a room that you as the host have specified to be the secret room.

Guests are asked not to mention what is in the secret room even if questioned by other guests, creating a unique dynamic and adding to the mystery.

The secret room does require a little more involvement from you, so for more information please get in touch.

* the secret room was devised by Neil's colleague Alan Hudson.



Yorkshire Party Magician


Neil entertained 110 guests at our annual works private Christmas party at Wood Hall Hotel last week and every single person was amazed by him. He was the best entertainment of the evening (we also had a live band, a DJ and a fire eating show), and everyone raved about him. We will definitely be using Neil for future corporate events
— JENNY | Harrogate